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Modification Committee Policy & Procedures

Article XI, Section 11.3 of Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) states that, “The Modifications Committee (MC) may promulgate detailed procedures and standards governing its area of responsibility, consistent with those set forth in the Guidelines for Sustainability, and subject to final approval by the Board.” This document establishes the Modification Committee operating procedures. This operating procedure provides definitions, establishes deadlines and schedule dates, describes the modification application and review processes to include Fast Tracking, discusses fees, requires records, and discusses the final committee inspection of the project.

Modification Committee Policy and Procedures (03-2020)

Documents & Forms > Modifications Committee (MC) > Home Modification Do's & Don'ts

Solar Pamphlet

This pamphlet provides a guide for the homeowner to help them obtain approval to install a solar energy based power generating system in High Desert in a way that is in harmony with the rules and regulations of the community, our environment, and the expectations of residents.

Guide to Installing Solar Power

Documents & Forms > Modifications Committee (MC) > MC Actions 2019

Approved, Denied & Fast Tracked

12709 Calle Del Oso Pl NE
Re-look at solar that was denied in Dec.

6415 Dawn View Dr. NE (Chaco Ridge) 
Removal of tree (no plans to replace): see photo.  Removal of front courtyard flagstone and colored concrete in driveway and around side of the house to backyard patio. Replace with pavers. (see photos).

13504 Pino Canyon Pl NE (Desert Highlands)
Raise wall in the back patio 2 blocks high and stucco to match existing stucco. New wall 54’X4’ stucco to match existing.

13305 La Arista Pl NE (Wilderness Estates)   
Install a motorized gate at the front of our property for safety and security reasons.  The gate will match existing fencing on the west side of the property.

13230 Slateridge Pl NE (Desert Mountain) 
Replace a wooden trellis on east privacy wall with a metal railing same color/style as existing fencing. The 15’ railing would extend 18” up from top of block wall, exactly matching the dimensions of the current wall and trellis.

6119 Copper Rose St NE  (Overlook)
Addition to home, closet, master bedroom, patio and stairs.  Stucco house, backyard wall and courtyard wall with approved color: Suede.

Fast Track Items Approved:

5701 Mariola Pl NE (Solterra)
Replace roof due to hail damage with TPO Ever Guard 60 Mil Gray.  Initial SRI 45.

13215 Buckskin Rd NE (Desert Mountain)
Removal of tree between driveway and property wall, due to damage to driveway and wall.

6501 High Ridge Pl NE (Chamisa Trail) 
Convert from evaporative cooling to refrigerated air. Exterior changes are limited to removal of existing cooler from garage roof and replacement with new smaller condenser unit in the same roof-top location, staying within existing sight lines.
6808 Pino Arroyo Ct NE (West Highlands)
Install new TPO roof grey 60 mil SRI 0.35.

12800 Northern Sky Avenue (Desert Sky)     
To place a portable 54” Spalding basketball hoop in front of 3rd garage bay in the driveway.

5815 Valerian Pl NE  (Solterra)
Replace roof with TPO Gray 60 mil SRI 0.43.

13608 Apache Plume NE (Highlands)
Install LED strip lighting to the back of pre-approved metal art on exterior of house. 

13133 Bluemist Lane NE (Enclaves)
Denied New hard scape and landscape to be installed by Alana Markel, a licensed landscape architect. The landscaping will be located predominantly within the walled and gated area of the property. We are requesting approval of the submitted hard scape plans at this time. A plant list will be submitted for the March 2019 modifications committee meeting.
13512 Quaking Aspen PL NE (Desert Highlands)
Approved Modification to existing landscape, restricted to backyard private area enclosed within the existing privacy wall. The goal is to minimize water use for irrigation (turf reduction), while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, mostly xeric landscape design. Plans were prepared by a licensed Landscape Architect using High Desert Sustainability Guidelines.
Fast Track Items Approved
13201 Morning Mist Ave NE (Chaco Ridge)
Replacing roof w/ 3 ply mop & building up existing crickets to improve drainage.

8717 Sala Del Sur NE (Chaco Ridge)
Replace current tar and gravel roof that is leaking with a TPO roof.
Paint all exterior exposed wood dark brown to match 6501Kaas Tr. NE with approximate shade of Sherwin Williams Rockweed
Patch stucco at parapets where cracked with same shade and type of stucco to match.

13510 Embudito View Cout NE (The Wilderness)      
Remove previously approved solar panels; remove and discard gravel from tar overlay; apply half inch thick insulate for TPO type material. Upon completion of work on roof, re-install solar panels and make operational.

5709 Evening Star Dr. NE (Pinon Point)                          
Replace roof with 60 mil membrane roof due to hail damage. Color is tan and SRI is 40.7.

13123 Enchantment Lane NE (Enclave)                         
Replace existing heater and swamp cooler with a new A/C split conversion.

6020 Purple Aster Lane NE (Trilium)
Roof- Replacing existing tar paper and replaced with new synthetic underlayment.

6420 Anasazi Dr. NE (Chaco Ridge)
Restucco home, color Buckskin

6001 Goldfield Place NE (Desert Mountain)
Reroof. Job scheduled for approx. 5/13/19 Sample provided.

5604 Mariola Pl NE (Soltera) Denied
Landscape: add/replace plants. Repair washed out drainage stream in kind. Plank vegetation in backyard as screening from street and sidewalk and to prevent people looking into windows. Screening plants selected to protect mountain view.

13419 Piedra Grande (Wilderness)
12x28 pool. Material to shoot over back wall.

Fast Track Items Approved
13127 Enchantment Ln NE (Enclave)
Replace damaged original roof with new 60 Mil commercial grade EverGuard TPO single ply, gray color.

12704 Priairie Clover Way NE (Trillium)
Replace existing gate with new one. It will be a neutral color in the beige family.

13607 Ricegrass Pl NE (Mountain Highlands)
Add window to front of house.
6809 Elata Ct NE (West Highlands)
Re-stucco home using 'Foam Kote' mesh and synthetic stucco color Hazelnut.
5705 Evening Star Dr Ne (Pinon Point)
Replacement of entire roof using Styrofoam insulation and gray-colored TPO 60 mil.
6119 copper Rose St NE (Overlook)
Replae old roof with new grey TPO 60 mil
13231 Morning Mist Ave NE ( Chaco Ridge)
Replace tar roof with new TPO roof in gray.
12716 Northern Sky Ave NE (Desert Sky)
Replace swamp cooler with new refrigerated air unit. External compressor unit will be located in approximately the same location as the existing swamp cooler. The unit will meet the property line and street center line screening requirements defined on pg. 28 of the guidelines. A single vertical electrical conduit from the service entrance on the west side of the garage over the top of the parapet will be painted fawn, an approved stucco color.
6001 Goldfield Place NE ( Desert Mountain)
Re-paint garage doors and metal gate
13100 Canyon Edge Tr NE (Canyons)
Replace dead and weak plants in front stone planter with English and or French lavender. Remove weak mugo pine underneath large Austrian pine.
13105 Sunrise Trails PL NE (Chaco Ridge)
Re-stucco house stucco in straw color
6804 Cherry Sage Cr NE (Mountain Highlands)
TPO Roof installation. Skylight removal, re-installation and reflashing. HVAC duct reflashing. Installation of new roof jacks/boots. Color: EverGaurd TPO Gray
6209 Sedona Dr. NE (Desert Sky)
Fix roof with tar and gravel.

13740 Apache Plume (Highlands)
Modifications have previously been made.  Trees and path way

6800 Elata CT NE (West Highlands) APPROVED 
Remove existing concrete patio in backyard. Add pavestone patio, firepit, and sod and sprinklers as per landscape plan. Add flagsone water feature in backyard. Add low voltage lights around perimeter to light lead walk and plants. Rebuild part of existing stucco block wall at 5’ tall.

12603 Desert Sky (Desert Sky)
4 Large trees – removed –they were staining wall and pushing wall out. Privacy from traffic and street lights. Also security – small.

13220 Canyon Edge Tr. (Canyons) APPROVED
Remove sod in island located in driveway. Add 19” – 20” tall moss reck retaining wall and 7/8” Santa Fe Brown Gravel. Add plants as per landscape plan.

Fast Track Items Approved
13127 Enchantment Ln Ne
Converting cooling/heating system to refrigerated AC System/Condenser to be placed on the ground rather than on the roof. Condenser to be placed outside the garage closest to the system and the wall. The condenser will be sleek in design and will be a specific TRANE Product that is earth tone in color and will fit appropriately in the space. System to be high efficiency based off design limitations of being on the ground.

5601 Mariola Pl (Solterra)
Installation of video surveillance camera

13309 Pino Ridge Pl NE (Mountain Highlands)  
Raise Existing Back yard wall by 18”. Existing wall is mostly below grade, elevating only a few inches above ground for much of its length from the exterior. About 100’ of existing wall will be raised with matching form, color, and texture.

6500 High Ridge Pl NE ( Chamisa Trail)
Install new TPO roof grey SRI 0.46.

5601 Mariola Pl(Solterra)
Replace 32 existing solar panels. Replacement panels are essentially identical to existing. Existing mounting racks will be used.

13109 Canyon Edge Tr NE (Canyons)
I want to replace a backyard access wood gate with a nearly identical, in shape and color, metal security gate.

5709 Valerian Pl NE (Solterra)
Replace HOA noncompliant tan roof with Everguard TPO 60 mil grey roof

6501 High Ridge NE (Chamisa Trail)
Install new TPO roof grey 60 mil SRI 0.
13100 Canyon Edge Tr NE (Canyons)
Replace dead/weak plants in front stone planter with English and or French Lavender.

6105 Buffalograss Ct NE
Reroof tar and gravel identical to original

13248 Silver Peak Pl NE (Desert Mountain)
Replace existing roof due to hail damage. Replace with modified bitumen, 75#, tan color. Seal penetratsons and end walls with plastic and fabric. Coat sealant with aluminum roof coating.

13215 Emery Point Ave (Pinion Point)
Install decorative security front door and refurbish front gate to match.

13632 Canada Del Oso Pl NE (Highlands)
Redoing roof with gray TPO

6115 Goldfield Pl NE (Desert Mountain)
Replace hail damaged roof with Genflex EZ 60 mil TPO, Grey, SRI 0.43

13405 Quaking Aspen Pl NE (Desert Highland)  
Replace the tar and gravel roof on the entire house and garage with Carlisle SureWeld TPO, color grey, The roofer is J3. The SRI is 0.48, which is less that the required value of .50. Note that appendix 1 of the Modifications instructions asks for LRV but the Builders Guideline requirement lists SRI.

6005 Paper Flower Pl NE (Overlook)
Reroof TPO 60 mil grey

13300 Pine Forest Pl NE
Replace roof – silicone tan color

6223 Fringesage Ct. NE (Highlands)
Remove and replace existing rooftop HVAC/Refrigerated air units. Replace with lower profgile units. Exist. Rooftop enclosures to remain unchanged. New equipment installed and connected to existing.

4909 Cumbre Del Sur Ct. NE (Trailhead)
Remove dead pine tree in front yard. I am removing to help stop spread of Bore Beetles .

4900 Cresta Del Sur (Trailhead)
Replace/repair roof damaged by hail last summer. Portion of roof no covered by deck will be replaced by the same type of roofing (tar and gravel)

12604 Calle Del Oso (Tierra Del Oso)
We are requesting a fast track approval as we recently discovered that windows/stucco are leaking and causing damage to the interior. We will use this opportunity for other modifications. New windows and a new door will be installed. Some minor cosmetic features will be modified on the front of the home. The home will be restuccoed in the same stucco color. The existing wall lights will be replaced with new lights.

13405 Quaking  Aspen Pl. NE (Desert Highland)
Redo Stucco on entire house, outdoor grill area, hot tub wall and front/back courtyard walls using STO stucco Pueblo 1005, which is on the approved list. The Modifications directions ask for the LRV, but since the color is from the approved list the LRV is actually not required to be submitted. The work will be done by FBA Construction.

5000 Cumbre Del Sur Ct NE (Trailhead)
Reroof TPO roof and parapets with same material of original and color. 30 yr. warranty. Grey SRI 0.45
Stucco the entire house and wialls with same synthetic stucco and same color, Staw122.

13901 Sunrise Trail Pl NE (Sunset Ridge)
Remove the air conditioning system off the roof and reinstall it at ground level in the back yard in preparation for reroofing.

13901 Sunrise Trail Pl NE (Sunset Ridge)
Replace the current bitumen/gravel roof with grey colored TPO roof.

12600 Desert Marigold Ln NE (Trillium)
Refresh gravel in backyard – Santa Fe Brown ¾ “
Remove 6 red tip Photinias in Backyard against west wall
Replacing with 4 Juniper Scopulorum – Moonglow Juinper version of Rocky Mountain Juniper which is o approved plant list
Paint garage door and trim existing color

5120 High Desert Pl. NE (Wilderness Village)
Repair 20x30 foot section of flat tar and gravel roof to stop leaks. Repair material is tan Mule hide asphaultic membrane with a solar reflectance of .28. Repair area is in the center of the roof.

13220 Canyon Edge Tr. (Canyons) APPROVED
Remove sod in island located in driveway. Add 19” – 20” tall moss reck retaining wall and 7/8” Santa Fe Brown Gravel. Add plants as per landscape plan.
5127 High Desert (Wilderness Village) APPROVED
Replace original tar/gravel roof with TPO with SRI of 50 or less

Fast Tracks
13304 Silver Peak Pl (Desert Mountain)
Homeowner requests mc’s approval to add a residential hot tub to the back yard of above mentioned property. Upon purchase, the backyard was equipped with an appropriately poured cement block to hold the hot tub and the electrical hook ups for the hot tub are already in place.. the proposed tub is a four person hot springs hot tub.

12715 Desert Sky Ave (Desert Sky)
Backyard Landsaping – we will be adding some pavers and turf and rock. Trellis along back wall with vines (jacicmanhybrid) and one pine tree, one cedar tree and blue avena grass.

6315 Calla Lily Cir (The Enclave)
Restucco of home and wall with synthetic stucco for normal maintenance. Color for house, adobe. Color for wall, fawn.

6105 Buffalo Gass Ct (Highlands)
Stuccfo color recoating in original color. Fawn

5239 Foothills Trail (Wilderness Canon)
Repairs to existing tar and gravel flat roof, no change in materials or color.

6805 Cherry Sage Ct (The Enclave)
To apply stucco on the existing house, privacy walls and retaining wall with Sto Powerflex Silco. The garage doors will be painted to match the current paingt color on the garage doors. Color sample 5x6 and a sample of the stucco ono the house. It is the opinion of bob Reule that the proposed stucco match the existing stucco. This color is similar to Sto Mesilla which is on the approved list anda has a LRV of 42

5709 Valerian Pl (Soltera)
Add downspout to one canale over upstairs proch to mitigate water intrusion issue with porch door. Downspout will be angled around porch light anda outlet.

13209 Buckskin Rd (Desert Mountain)
Gutter installation as evident from pictures sent in prior email to run along the east side of the home

5239 Foothills Tr (Wilderness Canon)
Repair mutilple cracks in existing stucco on walls and parapets to match existing material and color

6505 Kaas Trail Ct (Sunset Ridge)
Replace tar and rolk roof with new style membrane, TPO, roofing materials, as well as replacing skylights.

12705 Sunset Ridge (Sunset Ridge)
Restucco house using STO 1616 Sandia from approved color list. Work will include entire house.

6247 Goldfield Pl (Desert Mountain)
Power wash, patch, and paint exterior stucco with color fawn

6243 Goldfield Pl (Desert Mountain)
Power wash, patch, and paint exterior stucco with color fawn.

13127 Sunrise Tr (Sunset Ridge)
restucco entire house.  Buckskin

6325 Calla Lily (The Enclave)
Replace entire flat white roof with TPO Grey 60 mil SRI 4

5705 Evening Star Dr. (Pinon Point)
Installation of backyard retracdtable awning manufactured and installed by Rader Awning. When not in use, it will be retracted into its housing casement which color matches the color of the house.

5309 High Canyon Trail (Canyons) Denied
Extend existing pation with pavestone pavers. Add open lattice shade structure and fireplace as per landscape plan. Rework gravel and sod as per landscape plan. Add warmtone concrete sidewalk.

13740 Apache Plume (Highlands)
Add wind blocking and privacy trees to backyard. Trees are on the approved plant list and are spaced apart. Winds off the mountain are powerful. We need a wind screen with these trees.
12900 Juniper Canyon Trail (Canyons)
Convert last single bay garage to exercise – art studio by replacing garage door with new window that matches current existiting windows on house – unable to see last garage door  from street. 2) Replace double door on backyard side of some garage with new one. Same size. 3) Front of garage door will be stucco’d around window to match existing.

Fast Track
13212 Twilight Trail Pl (Pinon Point)
Installation of new TPO roof.

13515 Pino Canyon Place(Desert Highland)
Add 3 Pinon trees – 5-6’ in height north side of home outside fence for privacy

13200 Buckskin Road (Desert Mountain)
Like for like repair of damaged concrete segments on the driveway

12704 Osito Ct (Tierra Del Oso)
New roof already installed. Will be installing an elastomeric roof coating. Color will be grey to cover the white color.

13301 Silver Peak (Desert Mountain)
Addition of 5 solor panels to an already existing solar system. Home already has about 8 solar panels. New solar panels will sit below the parapet line and will not be visible from the street. Panels are same product as originally submitted and approved solar addition of 2017. This is only an addition or linkup of existing system to improve efficiency and will not involve any further electrical additions to the side of the home.

12600 Sunset Ridge Pl (Chamisa Trail)
Add a flag pole to front yard inside the courtyard at lot 32 and USA Flag. Flag Pole is 15 ft sectional. House is a two story home.

6128 Purple Aster Ln (Trillium)
Installation of high quality custom security door on front door. Marerial is iron with screen and removable storm glass. Color is medium brown that will blend with door  and door frame.

12708 Northern Sky Ave (Desert Sky)
Replace existing driveway. Same foot print. No new design. Current driveway crumbling badly. To include walkway to front door.

6304 Calla Lily (The Enclave)
Remove large catalpa tree and stump in back yard. Tree is overgrown for the space against the wall and its root system is lifting the patio pavement and is most likely going to do damage to my house if it hasn’t already. Assessed by arborist who recommended the same given that the tree will only continue to get larger.

13600 Canada Del Oso Pl (Highlands)
Add a 10’ Pinon Tree in back yard and add a 6’ Gambel Oak in back yard
6324 Ghost Flower Tr (The Legends)
Replace current roof with new TPO roof. Existing roof structure will be removed, cleaned, and replaced with mechanically fasten half inch thinck expanded polystyrene insulation over the roof substrate. Mechanically fasten TPO and weld together white. Install Versiled TPO flashing, replace canals with TPO canals. Air conditioner replacements will be with same size units and in the same lacation. Unit one is a 4 ton 16 seer Air Ease side draft rooftop package. Unmit two is a 2 ton 14 seer Grand Air side draft rooftop package to servis the basement. Units are quiet and energy efficient. Each unit will be painted to match house stucco.

13401 La Arista Pl (Wilderness Estates)
New roof. Previously approved on other homes in High Desert.

6243 Silverlace Trail (The Enclave)
Minor landscape modification in 2’x6’ space between our driveway and that of our neighbors to the south, remove 2 Yucca plants that have become unattractive and make it difficult and uncomfortable to get in and out of automobiles on our driveways -  unless cut down to about 12” when they look like unattractive clumps. Replace with 2 #1 Moonshine Yarrow and 2 #1Caradonna Meadow Sage – both plants on the approved plant list.

4909 Cresta Del Sur Ct (Trailhead)
Re-stucco house exterior, parapets, front and rear privacy walls, and mailbox with El Rey Buckskin (106). Whyite trim on all parapets will be removed to match the upper parapets approved on a previous project.

13127 Enchantment Ln (The Enclave)
Repairing parapets stucco and repainting parapets and exterior walls with different color using Sherwin Williams A – 100 Exterior latex paint matching El Rey Stucco Finish color #116 Adobe. Repainting wood trims with lite contrast wood tone stain.

6109 Purple Aster Ln (Trillium)
Planting tree in front yard Oklahoma Redbud

12708 Northern Sky Ave (Desert Sky)
New garage doors (2) change of style, darker color/ wood grain like. Stain wood trim of house to match garage door

5108 Piedra Alta Ln (Wilderness Canon)
Add stone around front door and garage doors to match existing stone around windows. This will enhance the look of the property and it will better match the surrounding homes. Any questions left unanswered in this form are due to lack of understanding/intent of the questions.

6304 Calla Lily (The Enclave)
Replace existing back door (wood) a with a steel door painted to match the color of the stucco. Location : back yard/patio. Justification: the existing door is the original door installed 20 years ago, is wood frame, weathered and decaying. The new door provides is a near replica of the existing door and will provide greater security to protect me and my home. Replacement door: Reliabilt Full Lite

12604 Calle Del Oso Pl (Tierra Del Oso)
Paint our garage doors the same color as our front door. The color (SW Gauntlet gray 7019) has been approved for our door.

12604 Calle Del Oso Pl (Tierra Del Oso)
Replace our roof tile to match the modifiactions we made to the exteriror of our house. The tile is called Bel Air 4697 Slate Range.
13119 Enchantment Ln (The Enclave)
Replace windows in master bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

5816 Mariola Pl. (Soltera)
Build a privacy wall on the north and south sides of property and a door from the garage to yard on south side. This wall allows use of the property and for a safe play area for children and large dog.

12603 Desert Sky Ave (Desert Sky) Approved
Un-attached lattice, 8” inside of wall. Exterior wall is approx. 7” tall, lattice would be 26”  above the wall. Interior wall is 53”, Lattice is 26” and inside total height would be 79”. Coral honeysuckle vines (on approved list) would be planted in pots on homeowner side of property. Being the lattice would be 8” off the wall, any growth would not attach to the common wall and it would have a clean look from the street. Homeowner is to be responsible to make sure no vines could sneak out and attach to wall.

13305 Pino Ridge Pl (Mountain Highlands) Denied
Front and backyard landscape and rear block wall. Block wall – colored block – beige/sand. 1st choice. Frame/stucco wall – 2nd choice

Fast Track Approval

12808 Sandia Ridge (Chamisa Trail)
Replace driveway and sidewalk to the front door. This driveway is cracked and breaking up, look bad now. New driveway will be the same color as the existing, and will improve the front of the property visually.

6101 Buffalo Gass (Highlands)
The original swamp coolers on the house have broken. Must be replaced asap with new swamp coolers. The new swamp coolers will be installed in the exact same place as the old swamp coolers. The replacement models are of the same like, type, color, and dimensions of the existing units.

12608 Trillium (Trillium)
Add Solartube to roof on west facing / patio side of roof to supplement natural/environmental friendly lighting in home.

12704 Osito Ct. (Tierra Del Oso)
Repair the garage doors with same color as current.

13708 Canada del Oso (Highlands)
Replace air conditioner in same location as existing unit.

13255 Twilight Tr. (Pinon Point)
Raise back east wall 2 courses for a length of 43 feet for privacy. Home is currently for sale and this
lack of privacy is hurting owner's sale. Additionally, buyers have mentioned back wall stucco in bad need of

13103 Bluemist Ln (Enclave)
Add gray concrete blocks on east side yard wall

6505 Alpine Tr (Sunset Ridge)
220 square feet new north side addition/expansion of two existing 10-6”x11’ bedrooms – new walk-in closets and
exterior doors. Existing wisteria arbor shade structure remains for an exterior patio. Replace existing
ground located cooler with flat roof mounted refrigerated air condenser on roof of new walk-in
closet screened by parapet.

6328 Bobcat Hill Pl (Desert Mountain)
Reroof using GAF TPO membrane, color gray, 60 mil, Everguard 3 year reflectivity .42, AGED SRI .46.

12908 Juniper Canyon (Canyons)
In front yard, remove part of existing gravel and plants. Add sod and sprinklers as per landscape plan.
Add a natural stone moss retainer as per landscape plan.

6016 Wildflower (Trillium)
Two 14” Solartubes mounted (installed near the center of the home to add additional light where the
interior areas are extremely dark.).

5309 High Canyon Tr. ( Canyons)
Extend existing patio with pavestone pavers. Add open lattice shade structure and fireplace as per
landscape plan. Rework gravel and sod as per landscape plan. Add warmtone concrete sidewalk.

6243 Goldfileld Pl. (Desert Mountain)
Alvarado Roofing will remove existing roof and replace with thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) roofing system
by Carlisle/Versico. A copy of their proposal is provided along with a sample of the roofing material and
color. This job is scheduled for late November at this time.

13708 Ricegrass Pl. (Mountain Highlands)
Enclose our existing patio with a operable glass window enclosure that will sit
on existing knee wall. All trim colors will be taupe in color to match as close to existing trim colors as
possible. This will not extrude beyond footprint of house and all architectural details will be maintained.
The enclosure will meet or exceed the engineering standards set by the city of Albuquerque zoning
department and a permit will be obtained before construction begins, if approval is granted.

13515 Pino Canyon Pl. (Desert Highlands)
Add three pinon trees – 5-6’ in height north side of home outside fence for privacy.

13119 Enchantment Ln. (Enclave)
Replace window in master bedroom and bathroom and living room.

6304 Calla Lily (Enclave)
Replace existing back door with a steel door painted to match the color for the stucco. Location: Back
yard/patio door. Justification: The existing door is the original door installed 20 years ago, is wood
frame, weathered and decaying. The new door provides a near replica of the existing door and will
provide greater security, Replacement door: Reliabilt Full Lite.

5108 Piedra Alta (Wilderness Canon)
Add stone around front door and garage doors to match existing stone around windows. This will
enhance the look of the property and it will better match the surrounding homes.

13301 Silver Peak Pl. (Desert Mountain)
Panels are same product as originally submitted and approved solar addition of 2017 This is only an
addition or linkup of existing system to improve efficiency and will not involve any further electrical
additions to the side of the home.

6115 Silverleaf (Trillium)
Security doors installation.

6347 Cliffbrush Ln. (Legends)
Restucco and repaint same matched color from garage around to front door area. TKeep color
consistent. Touch up around garage door where wood has gotten dried out , repair and paint same

6612 High Ridge (Chamisa Trail)
Attach 9 wedge collector heads to existing scuppers. Connect to gutters running along the house from
north to south ending in a down spout at the front edge of the house and extending into the front yard.
The extension will be below landscaping and virtually invisible. All material will use the color Canyon,
which matches the stucco.

12700 Desert Marigold ( Trillium)
#1: Stucco repair of cracks on home's exterior walls. Contractor will match exact color of existing stucco.
#2:  Repair cracks in cinder block wall, stucco to existing color of wall.

13235 Emery Point (Pinon Point)
Restucco the falling stucco on  front courtyard wall and another falling area of stucco around a front
gate leading to  backyard. In addition, Apply stucco to the interior side of the
entire rear wall of property

6419 Consualo Point (Sunset Ridge)
Stucco and color Suede STO.

6300 Ghostflower (Legends)
Restucco same color:  cottonwood

13219 Russian Sage Ct. (Mountain Highlands)
Installation of a 7.705 kW roof mounted solar PV system.

5616 vulvan Vista Dr. (Aerie)
We would like to restucco the exterior of our home and adobe walls the same color

13415 Quaking Aspen (Desert Highlands)
Reroof with Rock Brown 60 mil TPO..

6515 Alpine Tr. (Sunset Ridge)
Repair stucco on home exterior walls.

6100 Buffalo Grass (Highlands)
Front and rear second story porch roof replacement using same roofing construction that currently exists.

6115 Silverleaf (Trillium)
New landscape plan for front yard. Need replace grass with a colorful rock design.
Replace old bush with a new one.

12723 Sandia Ridge PL. (Chamisa ridge)
Request to re-landscape front yard to include
1) remove 7 bushes and replace with a combination of
three trees of either redbud merlot, winter king hawthorne
2) add 3’ high x 15’ long dark brown flagstone wall in front of existing pinon tree to help hold water and stop landscape gravel from falling. Washing into sidewalk (slip hazard)

12905 Sand Cherry Pl (West Highlands)
Repair all stress cracks at windows and garage doors. Restucco complete house and surrounding walls
with STO, acrylic elastomeric coating, number 01011 color tumbleweed.

6108 Copper Rose St. (Overlook)
Replace existing failed air conditioner/ heat combo unit on roof with similar sized unit. New unit is
Lennox ML 14XC1 3LTTC. We would like to have this unit replace this week.

6109 Paper Flower (Overlook)
Would like to plant three additional Austrian pines on south side of house for privacy. One currently there.

6339 Goldfield (Desert Mountain)
Reroof using GAF TPO roofing color gray. Reflectivity 3 yr. .42.

13320 Twilight Trail Pl. (Pinon Point)
Replace present tar and gravel roof with a 60 mil TPO type roof, color gray with SRI - .46 (after 3 yrs SRI =

13631 Canada Del Oso (Highlands)
Replacement of two poorly/nonfunctioning roof air conditioner units with new same tonnage units.

13400 Buckskin Road (Desert Mountain)
Like for like repair of damaged concrete segments on the driveway.

13404 Red Yucca Ave (Overlook)
Restucco home with new color (STO brand, Suede color) by Lujan and Sons Construction.

5239 Foothills Tr. (Wilderness Compound)
Repaint wood framing of garage opening to match existing color: Sherwin Williams exterior flat latex “SW
9112 Song Thrush.” Re-stain and seal two exterior wood fascia accents and four wood beams above front
entry walkway to match existing color and finish: Cabot Exterior semi –transparent Deck and Siding Stain
– 0306 Neutral Base “Sequoia” tint.

13004 Sandia Point (Sunset Ridge)
Replace 18 windows and one French door on southeast side of house and the garage pedestrian access
door on the southwest side of the house. Restucco entire house with STO Powerflex Sico color = suede.
Window manufacturer = Marvin; model = integrity. Window and door trim will match other windows
and doors on the house.

5135 High Desert Pl (Wilderness Village)
Roof modifications. Changing the gravel (colored) to a flat concrete tile.

13212 Twilight Trail Pl (Pinon Point)
Install TPO roof gray.

5243 Foothills (Wilderness Compound)
Add seven 360 watt Sun Power solar panels to existing array (17 360 watt Sun Power solar panels).

13235 Slate Ridge Pl. (Desert Mountain)
New roof.

13216 Bighorn Rd. (Desert Mountain)
Reroof using Gaco Flex S20508 Solvent free 100% silicone Coating color: Santa Fe Tan – SRI 29, solar
reflectance, 28.

5401 Cortaderia Pl (tierra Del Oso)
Replace five windows on the east side of the house.

13516 Red Yucca Ave (Overlook)
Apply elastomeric stucco paint to entire exterior of dwelling, including patio walls and mailbox, in El Rey
stucco color Straw #122. This maintenance is required due to age of home and discoloration from tree
blossoms and surface cracks throughout.

5715 Evening Star Dr. (Pinon Point)
Full house restucco plus courtyard and inside wall.

5615 Bosque Vista Dr (Aerie)
I would like to replace the windows and patio doors with the same dimensions and like kind and quality
in home and to restucco. The color of the stucco will be El Ray color Adobe #126.

13305 Pino Ridge Pl (Mountain Highland)
Front courtyard: plant shade tree on east side and add flowing plants and other bushes to bring color to the area on both sides of walkway. Backyard: built a 5’ privacy wall and plant similar, as infront, to make a pleasant place to enjoy.

12900 Desert Moon Pl (Desert Song)
Extend driveway width by 10 feet to west of existing driveway. Follow guidelines of multicolor as specified on page 3 of Supplemental Guidelines for Desert Song subdivision under concrete/flatwork section. Multicolor will match existing driveway colors. Added driveway will taper down to existing driveway at sidewalk such that street exposure will remain unchanged. Resurface existing concrete to match new concrete.

6228 Ghost Flower Tr (The Legends)
Erect an enclosed pergola at the rear of hometo protect my two small dogs when owners are away from the home. Dog door at the rear of the home that would allow them to go into the enclosure that would be at the rear of the home – neither would be visible from the street and would be below the rear wall height so not visible there either. This would provide them protection from predators while allowing them access to the outdoors.

6419 Consuelo Point (Sunset Ridge)
Replace dry rot wood railings with black steel and IPA railings. Replace light fixtures and address number. Flat black paint. Replace roof shingles with IPA wood, clear coat.

13305 La Arista Pl (Wilderness Estates)
Construct detached backyard porch and fireplace.
Sent to New Construction Committee

Fast Track Items Approved

13701 Quaking Aspen Pine  (Desert Highlands)
Re-stucco exterior with color matched to original. BASF Sener Flex Sahara Rustle #2 092519-SFS-D-01 Color matched to 3003 Amarilla on approved list.

13639 Apache Plume (Highlands)
Re-roof home. Contractor Bovee Construction company. Roofing materials to be used: Grey TPO. Current roof is modified SBS. Roofer being used is Quezada Roofing. Chemical toilet will be in property doing re-roofing which is scheduled to begin on 11/6.

13009 Sand Cherry Pl (West Highlands)
Restucco property. The color is driven by the selected supplier, which uses a fairly popular brand called BASF. Vendor is a widely respected company called Dream Stule, which has done dozens or more stucco jobs in the community. The color is called Cardamon.

6109 Goldfield Pl (Desert Mountain)
Install “TPO” roof. Use GAF-Grey color (.40 initial reflectivity), SRI detail.

6416 Chaco Ridge Pl (Chamisa Trail)

5700 Vulcan Vista NE (The Aerie)
Remove two bushes from front yard.

5700 Vulcan Vista NE (The Aerie)
Reroof: TPO – Grey

13401 Piedra Grande Pl NE (Wilderness Village) 
To provide emergency flooding protection plan to  install two catch boxes sub-grade on the northwest side of the house that will collect excess water and drain it through a 4” pvc pipe which will be installed through the northeast backyard wall. The 4” pipe will exit the back wall onto the middle terrace located above and 2” – 4” cobble rock will be used to eliminate erosion below the pipe.

13419 Wilderness Pl NE (Wilderness Village)
Outside walls (same as original color. Elastomeric coating of house all walls of house.

6335 Goldfield Pl NE (Desert Mountain)
Request for applying roofing membrane: roof had hail damage. To remedy it, plans call to apply a thin 60 MIL membrane. This gray 60 MIL TPO layer will be applied on top of current roof.

12808 Sandia Ridge NE (Chamisa Trail)
Replace driveway and sidewalk to the front door. This driveway is cracked and breaking up. New Driveway will be the same color as the existing, and will improve the front of the

Documents & Forms > New Construction Committee (NCC)

NCC Form 2b - Construction Fee Description and Explanation

Provides detailed information about fees associated with new construction in High Desert.

NCC Form 2b - Construction Fee Description and Explanation (11-17-20)

Documents & Forms > Official Documents > Governing Documents > Guidelines for Sustainability

Landscape Master Plan

The June, 2015 Landscape Master Plan presents planning and design principles, an assessment of existing conditions, conceptual designs and priorities for the High Desert landscape.

Download the PDF or request a copy by contacing

Landscape Master Plan (06-15, Rev 01-17)

Documents & Forms > Official Documents > Policies

Modifications Committee Policy

To establish consistent, transparent, and unbiased judgments, the MC will operate based upon the procedures described.

Modifications Committee Policy Revised (03-20)

Communications Policy

Defines standards, practices, and responsibilities for the Association's communications.

Policy Governing High Desert Communications (15-15-13)

Investment Policy

This policy defines how HDROA shall invest all operating and reserve account funds.

Investment Policy Amended (09-20-16)

High Desert Living > New to High Desert?

Modifying Your Property

Some home repairs and improvements—especially exterior alterationsrequire review and approval by the High Desert Modifications Committee. Examples include additions (extra rooms, patio covers, etc.), replacement of your roof, stucco, windows, driveways and sidewalks, changes to exterior block walls and major changes to landscaping. 

Keep in mind that plants visible by neighbors must also be on the Approved Plant List pdf.

Other Design Features:

Read More

Here are some guidelines for certain minor changes to your property:

• Basketball Backboards may be installed after approval from the Modifications Committee. The privacy of adjacent lots, color, obtrusiveness of its location and screening by landscaping are considered.

• Antennas and Satellite Dishes must be located in places that minimize visibility from neighboring lots, common areas or the street.

• Awnings are not allowed. 

Flagpoles with decorative flags, balloons, beacons or banners are not permitted except as approved by the Modifications Committee or Board for special events.

Overview of Modifications Guidelines

High Desert Living > Plants & Gardening > General Landscaping

Water Features

It’s always been interesting to me that desert dwellers throughout history have been attracted to water features.

Water Features

How Do I... > Choose Stucco & Roof Colors

Roof Color Requirements

High Desert homeowners considering replacing their roofs now have a one-page summary of HDROA's roofing color requirements, suitable for sharing with roofing contractors as decisions on color and materials are made.

Owners installing a new roof are reminded that any external change to the dwelling requires prior approval by the Modification Committee (MC). The MC has a “fast-track” process to approve roof replacements when specifications are identical to the original approved roof. Proposals to change the roof materials will require full review by the MC, which meets monthly. See Online Forms for more information about submitting a modification request to HOAMCO.

Roofing Requirements Summary (04-19-15)

Villages > Non-Gated Villages > Wilderness Village

Trash & Recycling

Monday is our trash and recycling day here in High Desert. Solid waste pickup is weekly; your containers should be at the curb by 7 a.m. Please do not put them out any earlier than necessary and please remove them from the curb as soon as possible after dumping. When your containers are not in use, High Desert rules require that they be stored in your garage or behind your wall, screened from public view.


Curbside recycling service is also provided every Monday. We are fortunate that Albuquerque accepts a wide range of recyclable items. The website provides a full list.

Read More

Items for curbside recycling should be placed in your blue recycling bin, and that bin should be placed at least 5 feet from your trash can. Again, it should be properly secured so that the contents do not blow around. They don't accept glass, so take that to a recycling convenience center by the Bear Canyon Senior Center or behind the Sonic next to Lowes.

Further information on Albuquerque's trash and recycling programs may be found at the Solid Waste Management Department website at

Property Taxes

All property is assessed for tax purposes by the Bernalillo County Assessor as of January 1 of each year. 

Around the first of April, you will receive a Notice of Value specifying the dollar value of your lot and home that will be used in calculating that year’s property tax bill. It pays to review this Notice carefully, as you have only a limited amount of time to file a protest if you believe your property has been assessed incorrectly.

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Additionally, many residents overlook the exemptions to which they may be entitled. Every New Mexico resident is allowed a $2000 “Head of Family” exemption on their primary residence and Veterans may qualify for an additional exemption of up to $4000. These exemptions are not automatic, however. You must complete the form included on the Notice of Value and return it by the date specified to receive these exemptions for the current year. (After the first year, they will continue to appear until ownership changes.)

Property assessments and tax bills are a matter of public record. If you’re interested in knowing how your assessment compares to that of your neighbors, go to the Bernalillo County website at and select "Search Records" under the "Residents" menu then click on “Property Records Search."