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Homeowners Can Sign Up To Receive Regular Emails From Association
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The Association has a regular way to communicate regularly with homeowners through emails.  Residents can sign up on the secure site (and unsubscribe at any time) to receive important Association news and updates.  

The Board of Directors chose a free version of the online "MailChimp" service as the provider for the new email list so there is no added cost to the Association. Signing up is a secure, two-step process.  Homeowners simply click the link below and are taken to the MailChimp site and asked to type in their email address and full name and select their Village. Once they click to subscribe to the list, they will receive a link in their regular email that confirms their subscription and told to "click to subscribe." 

To subscribe to the HDROA email service, click here.  A permanent link to the information is also provided in the menu list to the left of the homepage.

Homeowners who have already provided their email address to the Association have been automatically included in the email list.  Subscribers can update their information online at any time.  No passwords or usernames are required. (Note: any name or address changes made to the email subscription service will only affect the mail list and will not update your permanent information in the official Association ownership records.  Owners should contact HOAMCO to update those records.) 

The Board of Directors emphasized that the email list will never be shared with any commercial organization or used for any commercial purpose or any non-Association business.  Owners may update their preferences or unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the links at the bottom of any email.

 Nearby City Dog Park Located At Montgomery & Tramway

A nearby city dog park is located at Montgomery and Spanish Bit, located just south of Montgomery on the first street east of Tramway. Dog owners can let their dogs run off-leash  inside the park grounds.  For more information call Aziz Chavez at 768-3106. 

James Dwyer Memorial Police Substation Open

After opening, closing, re-opening and then closing over the past couple of years, the James Dwyer Memorial Police Substation at 12700 Montgomery is currently open  and staffed with two officers from Monday through Friday from 8 4: p.m.  The substation is located just east of Tramway, on Montgomery, across the street from the Glenwood Hills Shopping Center, which includes Smith's and McDonalds.  The phone number to the Dwyer Substation is 332-5254

Thinking of selling or renting your home? Please be aware of the High Desert Sign Policy before erecting a sign outside your house. The High Desert Sign Policy (click to view) adopted by the HDROA Board of Directors permits only one standard “For Sale” sign in the front of any High Desert house in a village with builders’ homes. The sign policy provides requirements unique to the premier and estate homes. Additionally, it requires that "Sold" and "Sale Pending" signs be removed no later than five days following the close of sale, or 30 days from the date of posting, whichever occurs first.

If you observe a possible violation of these rules, please contact the Community Association Manager ( ) who will contact the realtor and request that the signs be removed. 

Vandalism & Foreclosed Homes: What You Should Know

By Nancy Winger
In response to a recent media report concerning vandalism of foreclosed homes in Albuquerque, it is important to know how and where to report any signs of vandalism. 

You should look for unfamiliar vehicles or persons, damaged windows and doors, or anything that does not appear to be normal. If there is no apparent activity, vehicles, or persons, you should call the Albuquerque Police Department’s non-emergency number at 242-COPS (2677). 

If you detect suspicious persons entering, leaving, or loitering around the property, call 911 immediately. If you have to make this call to the police, do so from a safe distance away from the scene. Provide as much information as possible which includes a physical description of the person(s), their clothing type and color, and direction of travel. If a vehicle is used by the suspected individual (s), any description and/or the license plate number is valuable to the responding officer. Then do not hesitate to call G4S, High Desert’s Courtesy Patrol, at 485-5658 and offer the same information to the patrolling officer. 

Remember: DO NOT TRESPASS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY to try and get additional information about a suspected vandalized home. You could end up committing a crime yourself. Instead, use your good observation skills and don’t worry about “bothering” the police to report something out of the ordinary. It may be your report that gives the police the opportunity to stop or solve a crime. 

Of course, these procedures should be used for any home invasion, whether it be your own home, a home on your street, a foreclosed property, or one for sale. Each one of us functions as the eyes and ears of our community and knowing what to do will help to keep our villages safe.

City's Neighborhood Newsletter
The City of Albuquerque produces the  "Neighborhood News"  for associations throughout the city.   The newsletter is produced by the city's Planning Department and features news pertaining to neighborhood associations, including information from the city's Parks & Recreation Department, crime prevention information, city services, and transporation.    

Please Report Any Light Outages to PNM or HOAMCO
Has a light on your street gone out? If the street light is located on a public street (not in a gated village) you can call PNM directly at 246-5700.  In gated villages, please report any street or common area monument light outages or malfunctions to HOAMCO at 314-5862.
Note: PNM can take up to six weeks after a report is received to repair or replace a light.

Leaving On Vacation?  Call G4S First!

Before you leave on vacation, don't forget to call G4S, High Desert security patrol at 485-5658. 

Homeowners can also fill out the Vacation Watch Form and send it directly to the management office. To access an online form, click here.

When you call the security patrol office, G4S patrol officers will write down your vacation dates, important contact numbers, and keep an eye on your home while you are away. 

To see the complete list of G4S vacation procedures, go to the Safety Tips page and scroll to the  article: "Tell G4S About Your Vacation Plans Before You Leave."


Replacing Your Roof?  One-Page Color Requirements Summary Available
High Desert homeowners considering replacing their roofs now have a simplified, abbreviated summary of HDROA's roofing color requirements, approved in 2015 by the Board of Directors.  The new one-page summary is suitable for sharing with  roofing contractors as decisions on color and materials are made. The summary can be viewed by clicking here.

To read the full amendment to the Guidelines for Sustainability that this summary is based on, please click here.

The Modifications Committee is seeing an increase in requests for roof replacement as many High Desert homes pass the 15-year mark.  Owners putting on a new roof are reminded that any High Desert roof replacement is an external change to the dwelling and therefore requires prior approval of the Modification Committee. The Modifications Committee has a “fast-track” process to approve roof replacements with specifications identical to the original approved roof.  Proposals to change the roof materials will require full review of the Committee, which meets every month.  See the Modification Committee page for more information on submitting a modification request to the Committee.

Snow On The Streets?  Who Do You Call?
With snowfall still possible this year, it’s important to know who is responsible for clearing the snow in your neighborhood.

snowy roadsStreets in Un-gated Villages: City’s Responsibility
Snow removal from streets outside of the gated villages is ultimately the responsibility of the City of Albuquerque (CABQ). If you have a concern about snow removal from streets (except gated villages) you may contact the CABQ Mayor’s Hotline by telephoning 311. The representative should give you a reference number and put the request on their priority list. You can call them back after a period of time to check on the status of your request. In the past they have been very responsive; however, many factors bear on when the city gets to the residential area of High Desert. The amount of snowfall, when the snowfall begins, which areas of the city that may be receiving a greater amount, etc. are all factors in how quickly our streets get cleared. Additionally, residential areas receive a lower priority than major arteries as well as roads providing emergency service access.

In addition, HDROA has a contract for snow removal with Heads Up Landscaping. While the primary purpose is to ensure safety at the entrances and exits of the gated villages, other areas will be plowed and/or treated. When the conditions reach preset levels the removal actions will begin.

Gated Villages
The snow removal contract applies to the gated village entrances/exits, the five major intersections involving Cortaderia, Imperata, Spain, Academy, and High Desert, and all road bridges. They will be made as safe as possible, as soon as it is practical. To reduce the risk of damage to the gates and facilitate snow removal, gates will be held open until the areas around gates can be made safe for normal operation. Any additional removal of snow on streets inside gated villages will be done on a case by case basis.


Urgent Concerns? Call G4S Patrol
Residents may contact the G4s Patrol with urgent concerns regarding the snow conditions. The patrol number is 485-5658. If there is no answer, leave a message as there may be numerous simultaneous calls to the patrol.


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