Studio Tour 2014

Thea Berg

Thea Berg, second from right, shows visitors a sample of her beaded jewelry at her home in The Overlook. Thea is the coordinator of the High Desert Studio Tour which is sponsored by the Welcome Committee. This year was the sixth tour in High Desert.

Debra Wechter Friedman

Debra Wechter Friedman stands with her pottery at the home of Thea and Ray Berg. Examples of her work included large bowls and plates, all with colorful glazes.

Annette Galvanic

Studio Tour 2014
Samples of Annette Galvanic's colorful felted hats, purses, framed art, knitted scarves and felted jewelry were on display in the kitchen and eating area of Thea Berg's home in The Overlook.

Mary Martin

studio tour picture
Mary Martin displayed numerous framed paintings at her home in Desert Mountain. 

Bill Freer

Bill Freer stands alongside his sculpture in his backyard.  He creates both paper sculptures and metal pieces.

Dagmar Beinenz-Byrd

Fiber artist Dagmar Beinenz-Byrd stands by a display of her dyed wool roving at her home in The Highlands.  Dagmar spins, felts, weaves, sews and knits a variety of pieces ranging from knitted clothing to Christmas ornaments.

Melodie Owen

Melodie Owen creates sculptural jewelry at her studio in The Highlands.  Here, she stands near several examples of her jewelry.  

Lou Schuyler

Lou Schuyler, Desert Sky, stands by numerous examples of her pottery. Lou has been working with clay for the past ten years.  

Hank Schuyler

Artist Hank Schuyler stands next to one of his paintings in his Desert Sky home.

Peter White

Peter White, Wilderness Compound, holds a violin case he made in his home studio. He has  been making violins for 40 years. He currently teaches violin making at the University of New Mexico. He makes violins, violas, and cellos for specific clients and sometimes for general sales.

Sandra J. Allen

Sandra J. Allen stands beside a wall of her framed water colors.  She took up water color painting just a few years ago and now paints regularly at her Overlook home.

Nancy Green

Nancy Green, right, shows a visitor one of her handmade Santas.  Nancy creates a variety of handmade Santas, dolls and ornaments.

Geri Miyoshi

Geri Miyoshi makes pots, plates and a variety of functional pottery in her home studio in the Overlook.

Mary Sweet

Mary Sweet holds a Japanese woodblock print she created.

Ericka Norris

Ericka Norris makes a variety of hand-built pottery in her Chaco Ridge studio in High Desert.

Pat Missemer

Pat Missemer specializes in fiber art creations ranging from handbags to table runners.  Her kitchen and dining area in West Highlands was filled with examples of her work.

Roger Evans

Roger Evans, painter and sculptor, poses by one of his unique outdoor creations.


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