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High Desert offers a wide range of opportunities for its residents to contribute to the betterment of their community by service to the Association and participation in the various committees and activities that it sponsors. Please review the opportunities listed below and consider volunteering for one or more of them. You will get to know more of your neighbors, share your unique skills and abilities with others, and most importantly, help make High Desert a better place to live. Please volunteer now!

To volunteer for any committee below, click on the Statement of Interest in the menu to the left. Fill out the form, indicating which committee you are interested in, save the document on your desktop, and submit it to the High Desert office as an attachment to an email to: highdesertmanager@hoamco.com

Elected Positions and Statutory Committees

These elected positions and Board-appointed committees are established in accordance with the HDROA By-Laws and play key roles in the governance of the Association: 

Board of Directors 
Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Voting Members at the Association’s Annual Meeting in April of every year. Candidates are recruited by the Nominating Committee between November and February prior to the Annual Meeting. Please see articles in the November and February issues of the Apache Plume and on this website for specific details of each year’s election.

Nominating Committee
The members of the HDROA Nominating Committee are appointed by the Board each year and are charged with recruiting and screening candidates for Board positions and recommending a slate of candidates to the Voting Members at the Annual Meeting. Any Member of the Association can serve on the Committee and the appointment of new committee members usually takes place between November and January of each year.

Voting Member
Voting Members are elected by the members of each Village in alternating years to represent the interests of their Village and to cast votes on its behalf for the annual election of Directors and other important matters that come before the Association. Interim appointments may also be made by the Board between scheduled elections if a vacancy occurs. See the Community News page for information on current vacancies in your Village.   For information about the duties of Voting Members, see the Policies page and scroll down to "Voting Member Information" and click the pdf.  On the Policies page, you may also scroll down to the "Voting Member Group Chairperson Job Description," and click on the pdf that includes the  position's qualification requirements, work description and responsibilities.

New Construction Committee
The New Construction Committee consists of 3 to 5 members appointed by the Board of Directors and is responsible for ensuring that all new construction in High Desert conforms to the standards and guidelines set forth in the CC&Rs and Guidelines for Sustainability.

Modifications Committee 
The Modifications Committee consists of 3 to 5 members appointed by the Board of Directors and is responsible for ensuring that all modifications to existing structures in High Desert conform to the standards and guidelines set forth in the CC&Rs and Guidelines for Sustainability.

Special Committees
These committees are established by the Board and have special membership requirements:
Gated Villages:
This committee addresses issues specific to gated communities. Membership is restricted to Voting Members and Alternate Voting Members from Gated Villages. If you are a resident of a gated village and are interested in serving on this committee, please consider volunteering to serve as a Voting Member from your Village (see above.) 

Click to see a pdf of the Gated Villages Committee Charter document. 

Advisory Committees

These committees are chartered by the Board of Directors to advise the Board and make recommendations on topics of special interest to the High Desert community.

Contracts Committee
The Contracts Committee works on behalf of the Board of Directors to conduct competitive procurements for the major contracts of the Association, such as landscaping, security and property management. Recommendations for award of contracts are made to the Board of Directors. Click to see a pdf of the Contracts Committee Charter. 

Welcome Committee: 

The High Desert Welcome Committee works to develop and implement a process to welcome all new High Desert residents to our community. The group periodically holds a wine and cheese party for new residents. 
Click to see a pdf of the
Welcome Committee Charter document.

Landscape Committee:
This group meets periodically with the goal of monitoring the High Desert landscape and making recommendations as needed.
Click to see a pdf of the
Landscape Committee Charter

Financial Oversight Committee (FOG)
This committee reviews all expenditures by the association and recommends ways to cut costs.  The Committee meets once monthly and has saved the association thousands of dollars through its recommendations.
Communications Committee:
The Communication Committee oversees publication of the Apache Plume newsletter and the High Desert website. The committee also reviews other communications sent to homeowners such as courtesy letters.
Click here to see a pdf of the Communications Committee Charter.
Community Events Committee:
This committee meets as needed to plan special events for the community. Such events have included the Party in the Park and holiday carolers at the park bandstand.
Click here to see a pdf of the Community Events Committee Charter.


Other Volunteer Activities

All High Desert residents are welcome to participate in these periodic volunteer events that enhance the environment of our community and contribute to the enjoyment of its lifestyle. To volunteer for one of these activities, please complete the “Statement of Interest Form for Volunteer Opportunities” found on the left hand menu or contact the event organizer below: 

Tramway Cleanup Project:
Ray Berg: 366-8104, rsberg01@comcast.net
High Desert volunteers meet at least twice a year to remove trash along a stretch of Tramway right outside the High Desert entrance. Afterward, the group usually eats lunch together and plans the next clean-up.

Trail Cleanup Project:
Ray Berg: 366-8104, rsberg01@comcast.net
A group of High Desert residents regularly meets for a morning of trail clean-up followed by a casual lunch. The group focuses on the Foothills Trail from Embudito Trailhead to Simms Park Road.

Adopt-A-Park Project:
Ray Berg: 366-8104, rsberg01@comcast.net
This group, under the leadership of Ray Berg, has adopted High Desert Park and is committed to cleaning and maintaining the park several times a year.


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